Ergenekon is our Reality

In this paper, we wish to question the vast misinformation related to the Ergenekon case and “cross-examine” the mindset and its arguments, which have already made their way to Western press organs. For that purpose, as the Young Civilians and the Human Rights Agenda Association, we held a two-day workshop in İstanbul on April 10-11, 2010, during which all claims put forward by opponents of the Ergenekon case were discussed thoroughly by Turkey’s leading rights advocates, intellectuals, jurists and civil society representatives as “hypotheses.” Participants of the workshop
from various points along the political spectrum — who are better known for their perspective of non-discriminative human rights and sensitivity to democracy –sought answers to the claims. No matter whether they were put forward as a result of misinformation or if they are intended to protect the right of Ergenekon suspects to a fair trial, all main claims were individually discussed, independent of the persons who put them forward. Nearly 50 participants of the workshop responded to claims frequently expressed by opponents of the Ergenekon case and investigation. The findings of the paper were enriched with the views of esteemed human rights advocates and intellectuals, who unfortunately were not in attendance at the workshop.

We owe thanks to everyone whose names are included in the Workshop Participants and Contributors list and were victimized or lost their lives on the path of Turkey’s long and bitter adventure to democracy.



1 Response to “Ergenekon is our Reality”

  1. 1 İdris Saim Temmuz 7, 2010, 2:04 pm

    There has always been arguments about “deep state” activities in Turkey.
    But this is the first time that gangs have to go to courts to defend themselves about what crimes they have committed.They killed thousands of people.They made provacations,they used media power against their people.They made blacmails,they made black propaganda.They throw bombs to several places.They made people fear from each other.They used manipulative tools against Turkish citizens.They made assasination plans against writers,community leaders,politicians.

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